Garmin Nuvi Discontinued

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Garmin Nuvi Discontinued

Best garmin nuvi prices Some of the older Nuvi models have begun to be discontinued by Garmin. In a sense, seeing these GPS devices go is kind of sad considering much of the success of personal navigation devices is due to these Garmin Nuvi models. But on the other hand the huge list of currently available models was causing consumers considerable pain and confusion. So what exactly does "Garmin Nuvi discontinued" mean, and how does that impact your purchasing decision?

"Discontinued" simply means that the particular Garmin GPS device in reference is no longer in production. No more units of that Nuvi model will be built. However, despite being listed Garmin Nuvi discontinued, according to conversations with Garmin on the subject, even that isn't a 100% certainty. They said it is not uncommon for one of their factories to call and say "hey, we've got enough parts kicking around to build XYZ model - want us to build a few?"

The Garmin Nuvi Discontinued Question

The consumer's question becomes of warranties, repairs, and updates, so let's address these. So long as you purchase the Garmin Nuvi discontinued model new from an authorized dealer (such as Amazon) your one year warranty will still be in-tact. There are not any issues there when it comes to buying a Garmin Nuvi discontinued model.

Concerning repairs, the word is that the discontinued Garmin Nuvi models will retain the same ability to be repaired as other, current Garmin Nuvi devices. This means that availability of parts does not appear to be much of an issue either.

Software and Map Updates for Discontinued Garmin Nuvi GPS Models

Software and map updates ought to be the more important questions a consumer should be asking when considering a Garmin Nuvi discontinued model. As far as firmware updates for these unit is concerned, I wouldn't expect to see too many more updates for these Garmin Nuvi devices. However at this point in the life-cycle it has probably found and squashed most every bug you might find.

Map updates remain a bit of a bigger question mark. Garmin says that the Garmin Nuvi discontinued devices will continue to have map updates made available to them, but what we don't know is how long that will continue to be the case.

Todays Deals including Discontinued Garmin Nuvi GPS Units

Garmin Nuvi sales fluctuate daily. Even Garmin Nuvi discontinued models' prices vary from day to day. Below is a list of the hottest Garmin Nuvi deals we've found for today.

Monday January 15, 2018
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