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Where is the best place to buy Garmin nuvi at a discount price? Online of course. There are literally countless websites with offers to buy Garmin nuvi GPS's online and they all share a couple of things in common: 1) Obviously they are selling the Garmin nuvi product line, 2) 90% of them are selling from the same source such as Amazon, Overstock, Office Max, Target, etc.

Tracking price differences between all of these sources can be tedious work. There are a number of good price comparison websites out there with options to buy Garmin nuvi but none appear to cover them all and every one of them seems to have some sort of bias for one supplier or the other.

What we do different? We shop around daily to find the cheapest sources to buy Garmin nuvi and then post them here on this website. Our experience has definitely been that Amazon typically has the biggest discounts with the best price compared to other online retailers. 9 times out of 10 anyway, but every once in a while we stumble upon a better deal to buy Garmin nuvi and post it here. Typically these deals are for clearance items and only last a few hours.

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Thursday February 22, 2018
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