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Find some of the best Garmin Nuvi sale prices currently listed online here. Current deals include sale prices on discontinued models such as the Garmin Nuvi 760 and Nuvi 750. With Garmin discontinuing so many models recently there are some truly amazing deals to be found if you shop around. There are still some Nuvi 350 models available and Nuvi 360 models around at clearance prices as well as theGarmin Nuvi 650 and others. Even some of the newest models have been marked down like the Nuvi 765T, the 775T, the 785T, the 850, and the 880.

Thursday February 22, 2018
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How to Find The Best Garmin nuvi Prices

Garmin nuvi prices and sales fluctuate constantly. We shop all the deals to find the best prices of the day and list them here for you to take advantage of when you are ready to buy. Use the product links above to find TODAY's best Garmin nuvi prices. Simply click on the "Show Price" link below the image to be taken to the online retailer's discount sale that is offering today's lowest price.

About The Garmin nuvi GPS Product Line

Traditionally a GPS receiver was a rugged tool for marine navigation, explorers, soldiers, and surveyors. As the technology began to move towards consumers, as handhelds and as automotive navigation systems, market leader, Garmin, saw an opportunity and brought out the first nuvi.

The first few Garmin nuvi models were introduced in September of 2005, and since then the garmin nuvi category has absolutely exploded, and with good reason. It wasn't only the gap between the general public and the techie GPS users that was bridged, but that between the hand-held GPS and the automotive navigation system.

Now there's a nuvi for just about everyone!

Recommended Discount nuvi's

Garmin nuvi 350

garmin nuvi 350 price The most popular, sought after nuvi on the market place - The Garmin 350 acts as your personal travel assistant. It comes with preloaded street maps, an MP3 player, an audio book player, 2 & 3 dimensional maps, custom POI's, and the ability to add traffic alerts to steer you home.
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Garmin nuvi 360

garmin nuvi 360 price The Garmin nuvi 360 is really the big brother of the Garmin nuvi 350. It looks the same and comes with all of the same great features with one big upgrade - Bluetooth technology has been added. With a compatible Bluetooth enabled phone you can find and dial extensive POI's which includes hotels, stores, restaurants, and gas stations directly from the Garmin nuvi 360.
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Garmin nuvi 270

garmin nuvi 270 price The 200 series were added to the line-up as entry level GPS navigatin units - offering budget savvy consumers the benefit of a premium navigation system at a fraction of the cost. The Garmin nuvi 270 is at the top of the new 200 series. The nuvi 270 comes loaded with pre installed maps for North America and Europe. If you don't need the European maps you may want to consider to buy Garmin nuvi 260 which only has North American maps pre-installed.
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Garmin nuvi 650

Garmin nuvi 650 GPS An affordable widescreen personal travel assistant / GPS - The Garmin nuvi 650 includes all the "must-have" entertainment and travel tools, 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional map perspective viewing, the standard turn-by-turn directions, and the available option to add the FM TMC traffic receiver to help you steer around those dreaded traffic hang-ups.
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Garmin nuvi 760

Garmin nuvi 760 price With the Garmin nuvi 760 you get a seriously feature packed device that comes preloaded with North American map coverage and Bluetooth technology. The Garmin nuvi 760 also includes a built-in FM transmitter for broadcasting audio to your car's stereo. The Garmin 760 also comes with the FM traffic receiver.
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The Best Garmin nuvi Sale of The Day

Locating the lowest price Garmin nuvi sale can be a cumbersome ordeal considering how many different nuvi models are out there and how quickly the prices fluctuate. We search all the reputable distributors to find the best Garmin nuvi sale online and then post it here.

Don't see what you're looking for? We spend our time focused on providing what we deem to be the very "Best nuvi Deals" of the day. These are typically the models with the most significant savings, often discontinued or over stocked, such as the current deals and low prices on the Garmin 350, the low nuvi 360 price, and the garmin nuvi 650 discount. If the model you are looking for is not posted here we strongly suggest checking out Amazon's current Garmin nuvi sale, as they typically have the lowest online price. You can go directly to Amazon's Garmin nuvi listing by clicking here.

Best Source to Buy Garmin nuvi Cheap

9 times out of 10 our experience has been that Amazon has the biggest discount with the best sale price compared to other online retailers. And what better online supplier to Buy Garmin nuvi, or most anything from for that matter, than Amazon; they're safe, reliable, and well respected for a reason. Shipping is prompt, you get what you ordered, and you even have the opportunity to return your purchase if you are disatisfied for whatever reason (or simply change your mind). That doesn't stop us from shopping around the other distributors though, and on the rare occasion when we actually do find a better deal, you'll find it listed here.

Garmin Nuvi Discontinued

Should you buy a Garmin Nuvi that has been discontinued? Definitly a good question and there are indeed a few things to consider when deciding on a Garmin Nuvi Discontinued. Obviously there are tremendous savings to be had such as the Garmin nuvi sale on the Garmin 350 discontinued, the Nuvi 360 discontinued, and the Garmin Nuvi 760 that has been discontinued. Even the Garmin Nuvi 850 discontinued and the Garmin Nuvi 880 discontinued are available right now at unbelievable sale prices. Before jumping on these incredible sales read more on Garmin Nuvi discontinued by clicking here >>>

Other Useful Discount Garmin nuvi Websites

You may also want to have a look at Amazon's current specials for the nuvi line-up. They are always our first stop when shopping for the lowest, best price.

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